Travel. See the world. We love to travel. Nothing else in this world can give us the opportunity to disconnect us from our regular lives, broaden our horizon and bring us lasting memories.

SAFARI Eyewear aspires to be the eyewear that you would love to bring along on your adventure to see the world. It gives you the freedom to be yourself in any style that you truly desire to look and feel while giving you the clarity of vision as embark on your adventure. Look the way you want to be seen while you see the world with SAFARI Eyewear.

Chiefly driven by a team of siblings from Singapore, they dream of making SAFARI Eyewear the go-to sunglasses that everyone loves to bring along on their everyday adventure...  just as they would with their favorite travel companion.
A humble beginning in 2009 where it all started with the team running mobile roadshows in various parts of Singapore aiming to bring SAFARI Eyewear directly to their supporters.